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An Exclusive New Concept Hotel

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An Exclusive New Concept Hotel

The World’s First 5-Star Grand Luxury Yacht Hotel 

This is the Sunborn Barcelona. An extraordinary fusion of fabulous five-star luxury and sleek superyacht cool, this exclusive, purpose-built floating hotel offers a unique luxury hotel experience in one of Europe’s most dynamic cities.

Activity 1

Answer the following questions with information from the Sunborn Barcelona hotel. Use the English version

  1. Describe in a few words this new concept of hotel.
  2. Describe the hotel facilities.
  3. Where is the hotel located? Give a short description of landmarks around it.
  4. Are there many rooms available? Describe types of rooms.
  5. What kind of customers is the hotel aimed at?

Activity 2

Do you think it could be an interesting option for your holidays in Barcelona?

Summarize in two columns the advantages  and disadvantages of this hotel. Justify your answers.


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